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Location: Black River, Mauritius

Project title: Social and Urban Relocation of 28 underprivileged families

Project origin:
The Société Koenig Frères Ltd (SKF) has initiated the resettlement of 28 disadvantaged families living in the Salines, in Black River. This is an innovative project as the funded entirely by SKF & Cie, without government assistance or associations in order to improve the living conditions of the population.
The relocation is scheduled on 2 acres of land near their existing village, acquired by SKF & Co. to accommodate 28 houses on 28 individual plots, as well as room and neighborhood green spaces.
SKF wanted to ensure that the relocation process would be successful and agreed to implement a participatory approach throughout the project.

Goal: Ensure the successful relocation of 28 underprivileged families based on a participatory approach

Full support of the client to implement the participatory approach that included the involvement of the inhabitants in:
1. the design of their house and urban layout
2. the choice of their neighbors
3. the usage of the public communal space
4. the installation of their tiles and painting the interior of their houses
Inhabitants could also participate as workers in the construction of their houses, hired by the contractor directly.

Difficulties: Historical precedent between inhabitants and SKF that needed to be dealt with during participatory process, trust relationship to be restored

Achievement: The relocation was successfully completed in June 2011 by the 28 families

Team: Native Habitat & Eric Chavoix Architects

Duration: 2009-2011

Client: Société Koenig Frères

Project cost: 1,7 Million USD

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