Upgrading of existing squatter settlement – design of new urban plan – Mauritius

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Location: African Town, Squatter settlement located on the south shores of Mauritius

Project origin: African Town is a regularized squatter settlement of 80 dwellings. They were lacking access roads, public lighting, individual electricity counters and water supply, proper housing conditions.

Goal: Develop with the community a new masse plan to answer their needs and allocate adapted facilities following participatory consultations. Facilities include Arts and Craft centre for women, training for adult, kindergarden, etc…

Means: Local NGO/Facilitator was acting as a facilitator and partner to organize community consultations. 4 meetings were held with representants of the community to develop new mass plan for NEF and civil engineers.

Difficulties: No difficulties. Community involvment was excellent, feedback and project process was rapid and efficient

Achievement: New mass plan was adopted by NEF and new roads, electricity and water supply built as from 2012.

Team: Native Habitat (Maiti Chagny, Karinne Madron, Sophie Crouche) and François de Gersigny

Duration: 3 months (Dec 2009 – April 2010)

Client: NEF

Project cost: Project implemented later _ USD

LinkAfrican Town – Participatory Slum Upgrading Approach – Proposal

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